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I have not had an active blog this year, as I have been on Maternity Leave.  But, I have thought about this blog a lot! I have decided it needs a change.  A name change, an updated background and it needs to reflect more about what is happening in the classroom. Soooo fewer homework posts and more about what is happening in the classroom. To former students…I have deleted the homework posts that you may have written, but I have kept all non-homework related posts that you may have made on the class blog (your individual blogs still exist somewhere in the cloud).


Mrs. D

Kaitlyn – Born July 19th

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IMG_0682 She was 7 pounds, 9 ounces and 19 inches long at birth.

IMG_0644  Here is Mikayla and Kaitlyn on the first day we brought her home from the hospital.  We had to put socks on Kaitlyn’s  hands to keep her from scratching herself.  She was born with very long fingernails.


IMG_0641  See?  Look at that thumb nail!


Hope you all are having a great summer!.  I’ll post more photos soon!


Mrs. D


Henry Box Brown

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On Wednesday, I read the book Henry’s Freedom Box to the class. The book is inspired by real events in the life of Henry ‘Box’ Brown. Click here to read a summary of the book if you need a reminder of what happened in the book. You will need to scroll down and read “The Publisher’s Description”.
It is a fabulous, yet terrifying account of one man’s journey to be free and it stimulated a good conversation in our classroom. What did you think of the book “Henry’s Freedom Box”?

Transfer of Responsibility of Student’s Blog to Parents/Guardians

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Transfer of Responsibility of Student’s Blog to Parents/Guardians


This Form is Due No Later Than June 25, 2012


Dear Parents/Guardians,


As the year is coming to a close many students have asked for their blog to continue on.    Since students will be moving to Grade 7, they will have a new teacher and I will have a new class of students who will begin to blog.  It would be very difficult of me to continue monitoring student blogs from this year and next years students as well.  So, I am asking students to provide me with a parent’s email address so that I can give that person access to the student’s blog and turn over the responsibility of monitoring the blog to them.  If you choose to take over your student’s blog, you will receive an email from edublogs prompting you to join the blog.   Follow the link and instructions to join.

On June 29, 2012 I will remove myself from your child’s blog.  Those that do not have a parent or guardian to take over their blog will have their blog frozen on June 29, 2012 and loose access to it, but it will not be deleted.  Student’s may delete their own blog before June 29, 2012 if they choose.

Also, student blogs now are linked to my paid account and students enjoy many benefits because of this.  I am limited as to how many blogs I can “upgrade”.  I will support as many blogs as I can in the coming year but I will need to remove some from this “upgraded” status so that my students next year can experience blogging in the same manner as students this year were able to.  I will continue with upgraded status of  blogs for as long as I can and will let students know before I remove them either in person on in the form of a comment on their blog.

I will remove student blogs from upgraded status in this order:

  1. students who do not have a parent to support and monitor their blog
  2. students who are ending their current blog
  3. students who make 3 or less substantial, multi paragraph posts during the summer
  4. Student who make fewer than 10 substantial, multi paragraph posts by the end of December 2012.



** Please note that at some point I may need to remove all current student blogs  from ‘upgraded’ status, however students can upgrade their own blog if they choose to pay for the service, which currently is 39.99 per year.



I  _________________________________________ am willing to take over monitoring



_____________________________’s blog.



My email address is _________________________________________________



I understand that the ‘upgrades’ available now on my child’s blog, will end and there will be advertising and less space for uploading videos and images.  A paid option is available through edublogs on your child’s blog dashboard.


Mrs. Dahlby





Ansel Adams : Black & White photographer.

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“A true photograph need not be explained nor can it be contained in words.”  Those are the words well known black & white nature photographer Ansel Adams once said. This emphasizes his career, because he had wanted people to see true photography. (True photography is a photograph you can’t really explain, it’s just unique and beautiful in it’s on way, only to Ansel Adams, anyway)

Have you ever heard of the name Ansel Adams? Before this, I didn’t know he exsisted.

Ansel Adams was born Feb. 20th 1902 in San Francisco, California. He had a very successful 60 year career, and a great life. He made a big impact in the photography world, showing people true beauty of nature. His main goal in his career was to show people true photography. True photography to Ansel is a photograph that “need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words”. If you look at his pictures, you can’t really explain it. If you’d like to read on, you’ll learn more about Ansel’s career and success also showing the details of his early and adult life.

 Picture from site: Wikkipedia

Ansel’s Early Life

   Ansel’s mother, Olive Bray Adams, was 40 years old when he was born, so he had relatively old parents. He was enthusiastic,  different, shy and hyperactive as a young child. Ansel went to many schools and many were private schools. Soon enough he got kicked out of many for his restlessness, and had to be homeschooled by his father and aunt. Ansel was also sick many times, and later learned he may have had suffered from dyslexia.

Before Ansel took interest in photography he had loved music, and wanted to be a professional musician. He practiced piano for 12 years, learning he had an eidetic memory. As well as music he shared an interest in nature. He loved looking at bugs, at a very early age. He started his love for photography at a park, when his father gave him his first camera, a Kodak Brownie Box. Later that year, with better cameras and tripods, he returned to the park. That year his love for photography sparked, and he started practicing that, taking a break from his interest for music. Did you know that in 1906 there was an earthquake where Ansel lived, causing him to have a broken nose? His nose then got crooked, and meaning to straighten it, remained crooked for the rest of his days.

Ansel’s Adult Life

In Ansel’s adult life much success came to him. His first art portfolio made $3,900. Even with his beloved career of photography, Ansel still loved nature. Maybe that’s why he took pictures of landscapes/nature, even so he was an environmentalist. With all of his succes he married Virginia Rose Best in 1928, following two kids Michael and Anne Adams. (1 girl, and 1 boy.) Even though Ansel was having much success in his career, he still wanted to improve his work. He wanted to give the best effect, meaning he always did his best. All the hard work paid off when he got his first solo exhibit in the Smithsonian Institute. He only had the goal of to make people see true photography and the amazing beauty of nature.


Ansel Adams sadly passed away on April 22nd 1984, at the age of 82 years old. All of his goals were reached. He showed people amazing photography, and true photography and his career was a HUGE success. He had only one goal, as I said before, to show people the meaning of photography — true photography. What he did not aim to do, but did, was to show people by doing your best… it leads to success. He especially showed me in photography to never give up, and even if you’ve done your best you can never go to high. He taught me the sky is not the limit, and I’m glad I got to learn about him, and learn about this lesson he taught me.

Here are some samples of Ansel’s photography :

 Picture from site: Garden of Praise 


 Picture from site: Glogster



Famous Person Biography Blog Post Checklist

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Here is a checklist of expectations for the content of your blog post.  There are additional writing expectations. (report writing)


  • Introductory sentence:  Use an interesting fact, quote or question about this person
  • full name of person in the paragraph
  • birthdate and place
  • describe appearance and/or personality
  • describe the impact this person has made



Early Life

  • Childhood
  • Family
  • Education
  • Influences


Adult LIfe

  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Early Work
  • What problems or obstacles did he/she face?
  • What did he/she do to overcome difficulties?
  • Achievements/Honors




  • Death
  • Buried
  • How will this person be remembered
  • How were their goals accomplished during his/her lifetime.




  • provide links to the sources of information you used.



Techie Stuff to Include

  • links to other sites with information
  • photos, videos (minimum of 2 photos, video is optional)
  • tags for your post that go with the topic
  • find photos that you may legally use (observe copywrite) provide links to all information, photos and videos you use




  • title that goes with your writing.

Book Club Glogs!

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Carson’s Glog

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David and Waris’  ‘G’log

Molly and Alex’s Chasing Vermeer Glog!


Rohmon’s Glog! 

 Jarod’s Glog



Bryce and Joshua’s Glog 🙂

Emma’s Blog!

Commenting Guidelines

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We looked at many comments today and decided that all Room 249 Bloggers will attempt to follow the guidelines before they post comments.

  1. Letter Form (Begin with “Dear” and end with a closing like, “From”
  2. Be specific (talk about what is in the author’s post)
  3. Proper punctuation
  4. Proper spelling
  5. Being safe (no last names or other identifying information)
  6. Be polite
  7. Has a contribute to the conversation.  Try adding a question or adding information that the author may not have known or thought about.
We also agreed that people who leave comments that are not from our classroom would not be held to as high a standard as we shall hold ourselves.  We do not know what they know about blogging and don’t want to discourage others from continuing or adding to a conversation.

What Makes a Great Blog Post?

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What makes a great blog post?  Today we became blog post detectives and looked around at some fabulous student blogs that were nominated for an edublog award.  Everyone came up with their own list of must haves.  I then put them into wordle.  If you are not familiar with wordle, wordle is a word cloud generator in which the size of the word increases with the frequency of its use. It’s clear to see what is important. This is what we came up with:

(Forgive the spelling errors in the wordle, please)

After viewing the wordle we discussed that a quality blog post should have:

1.  Proper spelling, punctuation and grammar are must haves.

2. Pictures or some sort of image help explain your ideas to your readers and adds interest to your post.

3.  Say something in your post.  Get people talking and thinking.  Maybe ask a question.

4.  Have a topic and stick with it.  Your topic should not be too big.  Narrow your topic.

Students were then asked to make a post of their own that was great.  I’ll post a list of posts that students deem their best tomorrow.
Mrs. D

Blogging in Room 249

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Well, students have had individual blogs for one week and wow, have they ever been enthusiastic.  Many have been posting and working on the appearance of their blog.  Students have learned how to:

  • publish a post
  • link to other sites
  • add widgets, like clustr maps, blinkies and animations
  • alter the background of their blog
  • create an avatar
  • most know the difference between a post and a page
There is still a lot of work to be done.  This week and into January we will be looking at writing quality posts and comments.  Tomorrow we will brainstorm some ideas after looking at some quality comments and posts.
Mrs. D

Blogging Challenge: Thursday and Over the Weekend

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1) Delete widgets that are not useful to your readers and you.

2)  Think about the theme of your blog.  Do you have lots to write on the subject?  Are you passionate about it?  If not, change the theme.

3)  Create your own avatar.  Your avatar should say something about you.

4)  Write a post describing your avatar.  Why did you choose it?  How does it represent you?  Be sure to have your avatar as an image in your post.

5) Create a Page on your blog about commenting guidelines.  What makes a quality comment?

6)  Visit 5-10 classmates blogs and leave a quality comment.